Doggon' Wheels Returns & Refunds Policy

Our return policy is by far the best! Others may offer no refund, a smaller amount back, a lot less time for your pet to test the wheels or may discriminate based on weight or breed of pet; it's your hard earned money so why throw it away?

We offer the best return policy as we know our products are best in both design and quality, but not every pet may adapt or be suited to using a wheelchair. For New or Used Wheelchairs, Front-End Extensions or Quad Chairs we give you 30 days for your pet to test drive his/her wheelchair. If you need to return the wheelchair for any reason at the end of the 30 days, you may do so for a refund of 70% on all New Wheelchairs, New Front-End Extensions or new Quad Chairs and 50% on all Used Wheelchairs, Used Front-End Extensions or Used Quad Chairs. The Saddle Support Sling(s) and any other item worn by your pet for wheelchair use is yours to keep which gives you something to help your pet even if the wheelchair was not the best option. Every pet receives the same return policy regardless of weight or breed.

Returns for other items (diapers, paw protector boots, splints, support slings ordered separately, etc.) must be approved and are subject to a restocking fee provided the items are returned in new condition free of all hair, odor, dirt, etc. Items sent back that are obviously worn and can not be sold again as new will not be eligible for a refund. Call first to inquire before sending back any of these items.

If you receive an item that does not properly fit, please call us upon receiving your order and we will gladly exchange the item for the proper size. If it was a wrong size mistakenly sent by us we pay shipping; if it was the wrong size due to ordering the wrong size or poor measurements you pay shipping.