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  • Our vet was really impressed with the workmanship of your chair- he hung a picture of her in it in his clinic.
  • Thank you so much for giving Frankie back his life. He is a different dog now. He goes camping with us, for walks and is just living again. We are so happy.
  • Jen at Canine Rehabilitation recommended you because of the quality of your products and your customer support. Spunky and I are glad we took her advice.
  • Samanatha loves her cart! We are now able to walk about 1.5 miles every day (wind, rain, snow, mud, everything)! You gave her a new lease on life!

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"Well, here's my boy... living up to his name "Ziggy". He loves his new wheelchair. He is getting a lot of excersize and mental stimulation... He scoots to the corner and backs up to turn. We play the "hunt for raisins" game...oh does he love that...and the dig on the shoe game while mama fixes his food... He is finding it much easier to eat... I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy his happiness."
Thank you
C. Thompson

Bunny is a puppy with neuro-distemper,
happy to be able to play with her friends!

Older Dogs

"It's hard to believe that just a year ago, our former vet told us to put Halley to sleep because with her weak back legs, she would no longer be able to live a fulfilling life. Even at 15 years old, I could see that she had lots of life in her and often the energy and excitement of a puppy. I'm so grateful for the amazing wheelchair that we purchased from you. Although it took some getting used to, she's now able to enjoy long walks and trips to the park. Thanks so much for enabling me to have more time with my girl!"
Older dogs can do quite well with using wheels - remember the adage - you're only as old as you feel!

Neca spent about a month on a comforter on the floor with us just helping her outside as needed, but unable to walk around. It's turning out that the wheelchair has been like rehabilitation for her, as now she has starting getting herself up off the floor and even walking around inside the house without the wheelchair, like she used to. Her mood seems better, too. I think being able to walk securely with her wheelchair helped her get the exercise she needed to strengthen her legs. I am just amazed at how great she is doing. And to think we were hours away from putting her to sleep! I am so glad we checked out your website first. It was really her last chance. We are so grateful. THANK YOU!
Neca- 16 years young :-)

Brandon's last seven months of his 17 years was aided by his wonderful wheelchair. He was a born athlete, winning (at the age of 11) The Great American Mutt Show in Central Park, NY in 2002. That win put us on TV twice - being around Brandon always made fabulous things happen! After his spinal injury at 15, he recovered well and clearly was not ready to leave quite yet. But in his last year when his hind end was losing strength, that wonderful wheelchair extended his happy moments outdoors for a long time - our whole lives had been spent on trails, in meadows, and generally we went everywhere together. Once in the wheels, for the first time in his life, this non-water dog enjoyed wading in the Nissequogue River at our new home. Wonderful water therapy for those old joints! Then he would wade out as far as possible and just stand gazing far out over the water. I'm sure he knew his days were limited - I wonder what he saw.

Thank you for helping Brandon and I live out his days with ease, dignity, and enjoyment. Because the wheels allowed us to continue going everywhere together, I want to add that his chair brought on many conversations, stopped people in their cars or on the street, brought folks to tears, was educational for parents with their children, and was really inspiring for all who witnessed. Brandon was still making fabulous things happen - in your wheelchair!

Rev Leslie M. Celadhan

Big Dogs

"Prince's wheel chair has changed his and our lives! At one time I thought he would never be able to walk around the block again. He has degenerative myelopathy. Now he goes hiking, chases Squirrels in the park (I am having a real hard time capturing this on film!) and running on the beach. Thank you so much!"


"She has had it about 9 months now and her quality of life has just done a 180! I get so frustrated when people see her and feel so sorry for her. Are you kidding? She is the happiest and luckiest dog in the world to have this chair! I call her "Wheels" now, and she out runs/walks my 6 year old Great Pyrenees Beau by a mile, and she is twice his age! He just had to learn to get out of her way, since she will just roll right over him. It has made him a bit lighter on his feet, hehe!"

Big hugs!
Christi Morris, & Soleil

We wanted to let you know how much Masey loves her new wheelchair. She gets to run around our farm again and chase balls and nuts. Masey has spinal artirtus and hip displacia, so she has no real use of her back legs anymore but when she wears her wheels she ready to fly.