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  • Jen at Canine Rehabilitation recommended you because of the quality of your products and your customer support. Spunky and I are glad we took her advice.
  • Samanatha loves her cart! We are now able to walk about 1.5 miles every day (wind, rain, snow, mud, everything)! You gave her a new lease on life!
  • Our vet was really impressed with the workmanship of your chair- he hung a picture of her in it in his clinic.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'm only hoping that I can spread the word enough to bring you more business. It's the least I can do for all you've done for me!
  • He is very happy and I would like to thank you for making his chair. I am so glad that I was told about your website.

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"Through our research, personal experience and opinions of our clients, we've found (Doggon' Wheels) wheelchairs to be of superior quality and your business to provide excellent customer service as compared to others."
- Dr. Stephen Lane (DMV, DACVIM) and Lori Fuehrer CVT, VTS Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado

"He (Devon) is so happy in his wheels! Nothing stops him, may it be snow or bumps, tall grass or tree roots... We even saw him jump once because he was so excited! He was completely ecstatic about being able to go on walks again, and our only regret is having waited so long before getting the chair... He got back in shape amazingly fast. He often races our Great Dane and sometimes even wins (or runs him over trying)! He also spends his wheeltime just strolling around, eating the tallest, greenest grass he can find. Unfortunately, he is just too fast chasing his favorite red ball to get a decent picture of him in action!

As veterinarians, we try to convince our clients that a handicapped dog can still live a happy life thanks to a wheelchair. We hope that his joyful expression will help convince even a few owners that their dogs may benefit of a few more years of happiness with their family. Thank you so much!"

- Matthew, Isabelle Barker DVMs

"I was incredibly impressed with the customer service I received when I ordered Emma's chair and I have been thrilled with how things have gone in the short time weve had your product. I thought Id forward on some information.... I was so impressed with the customer service I received, and how well my dog has done, that I thought I would include you in my email newsletter (see below) and I have also placed a link to your site on my homepage I cant thank you enough for producing such a wonderful product and for being so extremely helpful. Emmas attitude has taken a 180 degree turn and she is again a happy dog who is able to be part of the family. I have no doubt you have extended our time with her.

PS- I had to email you with an update. Yesterday we took Emma out to western SD to fulfill my only wish for this get her into wild birds while in her chair. She was able to get through the cover just fine - all made possible by your absolutely wonderful product. She had the time of her life, as did I. "
- Joe Spoo,DVM

"Percy was diagnosed with spondylosis (DM) 3 months ago. He got his new chair and he has the best life ever.. he loves it at the beach!... Without this chair he was only allowed 10 minutes walk a day and he used to get very depressed when he saw my other dog go out. Now he dives out of the door and even recognizes his wheelchair as if it were a dog lead. I can definitely recommend to anyone to get a wheelchair so you can see your dog smiling again! Thank you."
- Theresa and Percy

"Here is our happy pet. Since she was a pup, her happiest times are spent in the water. This summer, we took her and the wheelchair along on our yearly vacation to Joyce, WA on the Straits of Juan de Fuca. You should have seen her. She just came alive and took off through the sand in to the water. She had her legs back, as far as she was concerned. She "swam" (seriously, with the chair, in water above her head), she retrieved sticks, and she dug in the waves. We had to drag her back to shore to towel her off before she got too cold. It was incredible.
Now, we're back in to Fall. Her coat is the healthiest it has ever been. She has lots of solid muscles in her front and is so much stronger than before. We'd have never gotten to this point from where we had been last April, had it not been for the hope the wheelchair gave our family."
- Sonja Miller

"What Excitement! The cart arrived yesterday (So fast!) and even our nice Mailman was grinning. He had seen your logo on the box and said, "Hmmm....I'm not sure if I should deliver this or not." We had warned the mailman when Al got his wheels, he better Watch Out! I opened the box on the spot and Al stuck his head in, sniffing and nosing all he could! We had told him about his cart for days, and he KNEW this was it! His special delivery!

'This sling is worth the price just by itself! Look at Al go when he wears it!' Jim grabbed up Al by the new black sling, and off they both trotted across the street...AMAZING! Wow, so much better than a towel!

But, Lori, I cannot tell you the difference the cart has made. He smiles and prances and shows off for the neighbors who all run out to see him in his brand new chariot (He looks like Ben Hur to us). He is trotting and turning and backing up and going up on the grass and chasing cats! He is a NEW DOG and we are just as delighted! But what is truly amazing is that his back legs seem to be getting stronger because of the exercise he gets in his cart.

I am sorry to blabber on and on, but you have changed our lives! One friend noticed how much happier we ALL looked tonight. Our Rottie is the love of our life and we were so sad to think of him stuck always in the house...or with very limited mobility (According to how long we could hold him up with the towel). Now life is FUN again...and full of expectation!

Also, the boots fit perfectly! They are comfortable and tough and STAY ON! . Thank-you so so much for all you have done for us!"

- Lots of hugs from Jim, April, and Al Ross!!!!

"Just wanted to drop you a belated thank you for the great job on Oskie's new cart. We took her to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and she got to romp in the snow in her new buggy.

Thanks again for all your sincere efforts and great dedication to making our dogs life so much better!"

- Phil & Robin and Oskie too!