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  • He is very happy and I would like to thank you for making his chair. I am so glad that I was told about your website.
  • I can't thank you enough....your company has given her her quality of life back! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • I can tell that there must have been a lot of time and research put into the design of these wheel chairs.
  • Our vet was really impressed with the workmanship of your chair- he hung a picture of her in it in his clinic.
  • Jen at Canine Rehabilitation recommended you because of the quality of your products and your customer support. Spunky and I are glad we took her advice.

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Front Support Wheelchairs (Front Support and Belly Support Slings included)
Rear Support Wheelchairs (Rear Support and Belly Support Slings included)
Belly Straps (Recommended for long bodied dogs, older dogs, or dogs with DM,
hip dysplasia or mid-upper back injuries.)
Full Body Quad Chairs (Rear Support, Belly Support and Front Support Slings included)
Front Extensions (Belly Support and Front Support Slings included)
Front Support Slings (Included with purchase of a Wheelchair, Front Extensions or Quad Chair)
Rear Support Slings (Included with purchase of a Wheelchair, Front Extensions or Quad Chair)
Paw Protector Booties (Sold in Pairs)
Front End Extension (Assist Weakened Front Legs, Requires Rear Support Wheelchair)
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